Legacy Farms Coffee

2018 Crop

Our coffee is certified organic, fairly traded, and direct trade only with a focus on community projects.  The coffee is grown at 1450 meters to 1520 meters (4772-5003 feet).  Our farm is in the western region of Honduras near Marcala.  From this year's harvest we have the following offerings:

Canal Washed process:  Processing our Lempira variety beans using this method results in chocolate and caramel flavors and a very clean cup.  This coffee is balanced and light.  

Natural process:  Our natural process has light hints of chocolate with a great fermented taste that highlights a sweet cherry flavor.  Ashley uses this for his espresso.

Honey process:  The honey process is Ashley's favorite process.  These beans have a light chocolate flavor with fruity undertones and sometimes have been described with citrus and nutty notes.  




We are excited for you to experience Legacy Farms Coffee!  

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