Legacy Farms Coffee

Seed to Cup

After all the growing and waiting and processing and drying, comes the roasting.  And the preparation.  Coffee has so many factors and ways to bring out different flavors.  

Ashley roasts to bring out the chocolate and caramel notes found in our washed coffee.  The honey processed coffee gives a more fruity with chocolate flavor in the cup.  The natural process has a more distinct cherry flavor with chocolate undertones.  

Ashley also loves to experiment with various methods of preparation.  The Clever full immersion brewer is his current favorite, although he continues to try different methods and comes to the house with eyes shining when he finds an exceptionally excellent combination of variety of coffee and roast level and method of preparation.  "Try this!" he calls, wanting to share his discovery.


Our freshly roasted coffee is available to order in whole bean or ground.  Contact us for whole sale options.