Our Coffee

Responsibly Grown

We care about the land and are very grateful for the rich soil God has blessed us with in Honduras.  We take care to put nutrients back in the ground through our organic mix which includes micro organisms.  We do not use herbicides, pesticides or insecticides.  

Several rivers and streams run through our property and we take great care not to contaminate water as many families rely on this water source.


Hand Picked

Our harvest runs late December through March.  When the coffee cherries are ripe, men and women from the community hand pick each berry.  The coffee that is not quite ripe will remain on the plant to ripen and sweeten until the next picking in a couple weeks.  The ripe cherries are then weighed in for payment and then the processing begins.  For more details on our processing methods, click here



Green Beans

We ship our green coffee beans to the United States every year.  We work directly with roasters.  Roasters of all types---home roasters and commercial roasters; popcorn popper to Probat!  Contact us for pricing and shipping quotes.  If you can let us know a shipping address and an idea of volume of green beans you are considering, we will get you pricing and availability information.