What Your Purchase Helps Support

Chicken Project

Upon realizing that most of the people we saw every day here in Honduras did not eat as we do, our then four year old son Eli said, "Why don't we give them chickens?"  This has become a favorite project of Ashley's.  We buy day old chicks, and Jonathan and Eli feed and care for them until they are two months old.  The families who receive the chicks look forward to a steady supply of eggs and the potential of hatching more chickens one day.  Eggs could also be sold and the feathers can be used for stuffing pillows and the poop can become fertilizer for crops.


Small Businesses

"Give a man a fish, feed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime."  

It has been a privilege to use proceeds from coffee sales to help families realize income from sources other than coffee.   

One family now adds to their income through a corn grinder which grinds corn daily for making tortillas. One family started a small pulperia, tiny store, in their home.  They are even building to add on to the store after only six months!  Another man is starting a barber shop in his home now that he has electricity and supplies to cut hair.  Another lady received a sewing machine through a donation and she is gushing about all the possibilities she sees using the machine.  She is already teaching her daughter how to sew also.


Local Schools

Education is so valuable.  Using proceeds to assisting families with sending their children to school has been so delightful!  We also were able to

provide paint to paint a school and provide tree saplings for a special project.  

Our family loves to read!  Donating books to a school and various families has been magical.  Watching children turns pages and hearing about little ones begging to hear a story again is priceless. 


Dream with Us

The needs are endless.  We have BIG dreams. 

More books for schools and families. 

Medical and dental brigades.  

Micro loans to help fund small businesses.  

Better chimney pipes for improved health.  

Sewing machines and classes. 

We would LOVE to talk with you further on any of these ideas.